just shut up right away ;((
Sunday, May 1, 2011 | 7:25 PM | 0 comments
when i saw your's photo at facebokk . yy tears sunddenly . yy ?
because i saw you wif another gurl in the picture . my heart soo hurt hunn ;((
i cannot say anything , what i can doo ? just shut up right away ..
why all of a sudden i became this kind of ??
rase me i've fallen in love wif youu ,
but,i can not fall in love wif you.because you already have gurlfie.i know just what thehash right away.i can not say that i fell in love with you , 
i don want to destroy your relatioship wif her ;((
what can i doo ? just shut up riht away ;))
my heart is broken ,because so long you say . you dunnot have gurlfie .
but that in the photo ? anyone have ? if not you .you do not to trick me .
it is enough for my crew like this . 
i will be gone from your life , i promise i never come again in your life
i promise ! i hope you happy wif her ;)) . soo long good bye ;))

p/s:my little heart sayying ;))

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